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Ethnographic and Community Interaction

An Entwined, Multi-Phased Project

During the course of the project, we have come to realize that social involvement in technologies is an entwined, multi-phased engagement.

While traditionally gathering requirements may have been seen as a process involving interacting with users - in our experience even this is a two step process.

Governance Overview

Overview of Information Modelling in Governance

Since access to information is intricately with notions of power - the governing and the governed - the categories and hierarchies underlying the system tend to consolidate or reconfigure equations of who has access to what information and by what mechanism.

Thus any changes in the concepts, categories, relationships, operations or constraints - or in other words, the informational model may imply a change in social relations and vice-versa.

Methodology Overview

Combining the Social and the Technical

The notion of governance implies two tacit categories of those of the "governing" and the "governed".

What these categories are, who represents them and which voices are included in conceptualizing and planning the system tends to influence the design and outcomes of the technical system.

Models of Local Governance

Garbage Collection in the Jamia Nagar Area

Garbage Collection Map

A Collaboration with CCMG, Jamia Millia Islamia and IDRC

As part of this prototype project, the issue of Garbage Collection in the Jamia Nagar area was taken up.

How did we decide to take up the issue of garbage collection, what did we do and who were the actors? How do we view governance?

These are some of the ideas outlined on this site.

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