Technoscience and Social Control

Socially Determined or Autonomous?

There are two broad perspectives on the relationship of Science and Technology, together called Technoscience and Society.
These are considered as two opposing vantage points rather like left/right, up/down black/white etc.

One is called Social Construction and views the relationship as being influenced by 'social forces'. This is to say that Technoscientific change largely comes from within society and is more like a 'value-neutral' force and does not have any characteristics of its own.

The other perspective suggests that technoscience is more an autonomous force , and that society changes according to or is dictated by the changes in science and technology.

Social construction may be related for example to the notion of Technoscientific change being triggered by a perceived 'Social Need', such as for instance, the creation of the atomic bomb, construction of roads/highways or building of a dam to generate electricity etc.

As an autonomous force on the other hand may come as a result of serendipitous discovery or invention (automobiles, laws of gravitation etc).