Methodology Overview

Combining the Social and the Technical

The notion of governance implies two tacit categories of those of the "governing" and the "governed".

What these categories are, who represents them and which voices are included in conceptualizing and planning the system tends to influence the design and outcomes of the technical system.

This project is a pilot attempt to build information systems in partnership with the local community.
The various steps in the project are
1) Attempting to understand how people in the nieghbourhood interpret and understand technologies (primarily internet and mobile phones)
2) Identifying an area of concern and creating mechanisms for interaction with the community
3) Building a technology platform that involves creating a website as a repository and the use of mobile phones to communicate with the local community.
4) Doing a pilot implementation using mobile and internet technologies for the specific area of study.
5) Creating mechanisms for inclusion of social voices and concerns in the information model and other software processes

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