Ethnographic and Community Interaction

An Entwined, Multi-Phased Project

During the course of the project, we have come to realize that social involvement in technologies is an entwined, multi-phased engagement.

While traditionally gathering requirements may have been seen as a process involving interacting with users - in our experience even this is a two step process.

The first step seems more "qualitative" or "ethnographic" - - it is a nuanced, qualitative study - an attempt to understand the world of the people we interact with and see how technologies are used in certain social/cultural/economic setting.

In terms of the Software Process - it may be seen as an additional Pre-Requirement step which requires non-engineering,
"social" skills in which an understanding of the capabilities and constraints of technologies is implicit.

Step two of this process consists of a more focused questionnaire, which may be communicated over a website or through mobile phones.

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