How should we - as a society - deal with scientific and technological problems and issues?


There is no stopping the development on science and technology front. It is natural for man to explore things, sometimes simply out of curiosity or to make things better and at other times in an effort to seek solutions to different challenges around. Also, there is no ideal or perfect way to development. It will throw challenges of its on along the way. These challenges could be scientific, technical, social, political in nature or may have some other hue. Indeed, the solution to these challenges cannot be found by scientists and technologists in isolation and they should seek interaction with society.

The question is somewhat unclear. If it is already defined that these are problems arising in a domain scientific or technological, how does society access them, given the autonomy and the expertise that guards those domains? We need to think first about the communication channel between society and scientific expertise, and only then a dialogue over problems/issues can emerge.