Do you think India experienced the Scientific and Industrial revolution?


India did not experienced scientific and industrial revolution as it heppened in Europe and America what it received was scientific and industrial process under the strict control of colonial agenda, nonetheless it created ground for post-independence technological momentum. It is not appropriate to say that feudal India stood far away from scientific and industrial process or culture of science and industry was restricted to people returned from west as railways, telegraph, shipping industry, war technology, etc. were equally affecting the rural masses also. Lastly, nowhere in world scientific temperament is lacking as even the most obsurantist and rabid religious people also try to put their theory in scientific explaination.


A scientific revolution surely never happened. An industrial revolution, to the effect of wiping out agriculture and primitive accumulation, is in process. What does an industrial revolution mean anyway? What is the significance of asking a question directly borrowed from another context and clear-but historicity?