Actors and Categories

People and Organizations Involved

In most models of modern democratic governance, the governing category involves some combination of representatives - elected or nominated.

It may also include bureaucrats trained in ‘the art of governance’ and experts from various fields who provide the specialized knowledge needed.
People at large form a part of the latter - governed - category.

Funded by the IDRC, and being executed at the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, the project is a part of the effort to 'explore policies and practices' for building research capacity combining science and technology and the social sciences.

Some of the questions relevant to the project are:
Who or what are the main constituents of the categories of "governing" and "governed"? How do the communities involved in the process influence the development of sociotechnical systems of governance? The project attempts to look at a specific area of study to engage with these questions.

People Involved

Biswajit Das: Director, CCMG - Project Coordinator
Vibodh Parthasarhi: Assoc Prof, CCMG - Project Co-Coordinator
Ravi Shukla: Principal Consultant, CCMG, Project Fellow
Anuj Gangwar, Technical Consultant, CCMG
Swati SIngh: Consultant, CCMG, Project Associate
Gahusiya Farooqui: Research Associate, CCMG
Suhail Karimi: Lab Technicain, CCMG, Project Logistics