Neurosciences and Society

The Background

In the earliest days of approaching a scientific understanding of the brain, the mind and the brain were seen as two different entities. Later, mechanistic metaphors such as the clock were used to describe brain function.
The discovery that electrical and chemical changes can be used to describe, all brain function (including 'higher' brain function) so that in the present day, no distinction is made between mind and brain function.
Some have seen similarities between the brain and the functioning of computers and software.

From a neuroscientific perspective however, the story is more subtle and involved. In all diverse approaches to understanding the brain, however, one thing seems to be common - the notion that we are on the verge of a breakthrough in our understanding.

It seems an appropriate time to step back and discuss what people engaged in different activities think about what has generally been acknowledged as making us uniquely human; both as a species as well as individuals.

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