Implementation Steps

Steps involved in project implementation

Project Implementation Steps

Step 1 - The Preliminary Study

The preliminary study was done with the help of Shikhar - Organization for Social Development, an NGO having working on several initiatives in the area.

One of the activities of Shikhar was to conduct free Computer Literacy classes for economically weaker girl children. These classes are of two months duration during which students are taught operations such MS-Office, Paint brush and so on. The prelimnary study was done with students and parents.

Based on the responses, the specific issue of cleanliness or garbage collection in the area was taken up.

Since the most number of respondents belonged to the Abul Fazal area, the effort was to be concentrated in the Abul Fazal area.

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Step 2 - Garbage Collection Details

The mobile interface prototype played a role in this step. The idea here was to use a dedicated mobile phone to send and receive messages.

A list of 6 six questions was sent as text messages to respondents on their mobile phones. Responses received on the mobile could be uploaded to the website using the drupal interface application.

The advantage of doing so was that responses of people who did not have access to the internet could also record their responses. Since responding to SMS involved some cost, an incentive of Rs 20 was given to respondents to adequately cover their costs of sending sms responses.

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Photo/Video Game

In order to involved more people, photo/video competition was initiated. People were asked to send photos/videos either over mobile or bring them to the Shikhar computer centre.

Prizes for winning entries for photo video were announced.

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