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Welcome to the Science Technology and Society Interface Studies Home page.

We live in a world increasingly shaped and defined by science and technology and related notions of progress. Examining how these processes - scientific and technological, academic and industrial - come about, and their mutually influencing relationship with society, makes for a fascinating engagement.

This combined process, the process of techno scientific change, broadly falls under the rubric of Science, Technology and Society Studies.

This site is an attempt to enable discussion and interaction between people from within and across these communities.

While much has been written and discussed about the nature and the content of Science.
For our purposes, Science is not limited to a body of knowledge or a set of laws, but more so about method.
Science also has several characteristics such as repeatability, person independence etc.
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To summarise as a starting/working description technology stands for the tools, techniques, methods of organisation and knowledge associated with the making and usage of artifacts.
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Techno Science
The word Techno is not used as an adjective used to describe a certain kind of technology pre-fixed science; but for the already established usage of the term, we could as well have called it sciengineering. When viewing science and technology from a social standpoint, it may, at times, make sense to see the two processes as so intertwined as to be treated as one.