Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection in Jamia Nagar

From an administration perspective, Jamia Nagar falls Under the SDMC (South Delhi Municipal Corporation) zone of MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi).

Each zone is further broken down into "Wards", Jamia Nagar area consitutes Ward 205 and 206 of this zone.

Garbage collection is generally done by MCD karamcharis, since 2003, the transportation and disposal is done by a private company Delhi Waste Management. Disposal is done primarily in two ways - there is the sanitary land fill in Okhla (see map). There is also the Timarpur power generation plant that uses waste to generate electricity.

This has proven to be controversial as residents have protested against it several times and its continuance is under question.

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MCD Contact

One of the key issues that emerged was that people did not know whom to get in touch for complaints or grievances.

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Respondents were asked to respond to six simple questions:
Where is garbage collected? By whom is it collected? How often it is collected? How is it disposed off? Whom to contact if it does not get collected? and What is the plan for emergencies?

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