Regarding the relationship between the Indian state and the economy post-liberalization, do you think?


I think the state is increasingly and consciously acquired the role of the mediator and facilitator of markets and as a result the state is becoming more similar to corporations as we percieve them. However, whether corporations become similar to state is debatable.

I think, post-liberalization, economic growth became the sole parameter for measuring development. Unfortunately, because the markets and the industry are more influential and were the biggest beneficiaries of liberalization and hence, grew faster than the traditional sectors, such as farming, these hogged the state's attention and willy-nilly state became markets' and industry's benefactor making concessions, covertly or overtly, to facilitate their growth. There has been a sea-change in their relationship in that sense.

I think, the relationship has certainly changed but it is not a facilitator, but almost acquiring the role of a broker.

in the US, corporations seem to be taking over the economy