About us

The site has been set up to offer a common ground for discussion between scientists, technologists and researchers and practitioners of various hues and inclinations who are attempting to understand the processes of science and technology .

It is based on a belief that this necessarily needs to be a collaborative effort from a diversity of people from different streams. While the initial focus is on the NBIC (Nano, Bio, Information and Cognitive) Technologies, or Converging Technologies , these are only a small part of a larger process.

The Name

The name Stasis has been chosen in a tongue-in-cheek way since its literal meaning suggests a certain stagnation, whereas the STS relationship is seen as a critical, dynamic and vibrant field.

The logo

The logo is indicative of how we perceive the field - not as a group of individual, compartmentalized, "Expert" areas that interface with each other, but as a kind of hearty, ongoing brew with diverse flavours and ingredient constantly changing and evolving under a somewhat erratic fire.

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